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Wokha Tourism, Travel Guide | Wokha Tourist Places | Nagaland Tourism

Wokha Tourist Places

Wokha Tourism, Travel Guide | Wokha Tourist Places | Nagaland Tourism

Wokha is among the prominent districts in Nagaland. It is inhabited by the largest tribes in Nagaland named ‘Lothas.’ Wokha district is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Owing to it boasts the significant hills named Mount Tiyi and Totsu Cliff. Adventure Junkies from various parts of the world have been visiting the Wokha district, the land of diverse landscapes, in order to partake in Trekking activities. 

 Wokha Tourist Places

Apart from the adventure lovers, Nature lovers can also witness the picturesque terrains engulfed with colourful flowers and orchards. Furthermore, Wokha is famous for its traditional dances, arts, crafts, and folk songs. Don’t forget to explore the famous Doyang River when you plan a trip to Wokha.

Sightseeing And Top Wokha Tourist Places:

Top Wokha Tourist Places include Mount Tiyi, Totsu Cliff,  Liphanyan Governor’s Camp, Water Pool, Tehurang Valley, Baghty Valley and Vankhosung town.

 Wokha Tourist Places

When To Visit?

Wokha can be visited throughout the year. However, avoid a visit to the Wokha district during monsoon. 


Wokha District In Nagaland boasts several accommodation facilities in and around Wokha. Here the tourist can find the three-star hotels, budget hotels and circuit houses. Though they are small in size but offers the best amenities that one can expect from a five-star hotel. 

How To Reach Wokha:

Wokha District doesn’t have either the airport or railway station. Dimapur is the only district in Nagaland which contains airport, a railway station in order to reach Nagaland. 

 Wokha Tourist Places

By Air:

The nearest airport is Dimapur airport which possesses direct flights that connect this airport to Kolkata and Guwahati. Moreover, the connections can be made from the rest of the airports in India. 

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is Dimapur Railway Station. It is well connected and has direct train lines which connected to all the major cities of India. 

By Road:

Wokha is well connected via roadways. Avail buses and taxies to ply between various places within the city. 

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