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Warwan Valley in Kashmir | Tourist Attractions In Warwan Valley

Warwan Valley

Warwan Valley in Kashmir | Tourist Attractions In Warwan Valley

Have you ever been to Warwan Valley?. Mostly many people have not yet discovered it. Warwan Valley in Kashmir is well known for its diverse landscapes and spellbinding waterfalls. Apart from it, it is the epitome of natural beauty. It is the perfect destination for those who seek tranquillity from the hustle bustle city life. Lush greenery, bewildering scenic views, majestic valleys,  Striking snow-clad terrains, and the fresh cool breeze will certainly beckon you. In addition to the serene ambience, the valley is alluring the adventure aficionados from all over the world to partake in the activities like trekking.

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The Picturesque Warwan Valley is perched on the upper reaches of the Himalayas at an elevation of about 7000 ft above the sea level. Warwan Valley is situated in Kistwar district, Jammu & Kashmir. It is encircled by Kashmir Valley on one side, while Ladakh on the other and remains completely cut off from the rest of the world for around 7 months in a year. 

About Treeking In Warwan Valley:

The trek from Zankar to Kashmir offer you stunning views of mighty snow peaks, grasslands and valleys. While the Lomvilad pass is highly adventurous. The trekking route takes you through glaciers, crevasses and rumbles down moraines.