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Top Places To Visit In Mandu | Best Attractions In Mandu

op Places To Visit In Mandu

Top Places To Visit In Mandu | Best Attractions In Mandu

In this article, we have presented our collection of  Top Places To Visit in Mandu. Take a brief look at our collection. 

Jahaz Mahal:

Top Places To Visit in Mandu

Jahaz Mahal is one of the Top Places To Visit in Mandu. The Mahal is popularly known as the ship mahal.  It is apparently a ship that never sails in water. Owing to it contains the two twin lakes on either side of it. The Mahal is a witness to the legendary romance of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur. The two storied architecture Marvel built by  the Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din-Khalji. The Mahal served as a harem for Sultan which boasts thousands of women belong to his harem. He devoted himself to women and songs. 

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Hindola Mahal: 

Top Places To Visit in Mandu

Another fascinating attraction in Mandu is Hindola Mahal. If you are a history buff then it is the place for you. Literally, Hindola Mahal is Swing Palace. It is used as a meeting hall where the king addressed his people of his kingdom. The Mahal is among the set buildings in the royal palace complex at Mandu. The complex also boasts the magnificent Jahaz  Mahal, Tawili Mahal, Nahar Jharokha, and Hindola Mahas. It is believed that it was constructed during the reign of Hushang Shah. 

How to Reach:

Mandu can be accessed by various modes of transport modes via airways, railways and roadways.

By Air:

The nearest airport is Indore. From where hire a taxi or take a bus to reach your destination.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is at Indore which is about 100 km from Mandu. After getting down at the Indore railway station avail either bus or taxi to reach Mandu.

By Road:

Mandu is well connected by roadways to reach all Top Places To Visit in Mandu.