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Top Dimapur Tourist Places Part II | Dimapur Travel Guide

Top Dimapur Tourist Places

Top Dimapur Tourist Places Part II | Dimapur Travel Guide

In this article, we have provided the rest of the Top Dimapur Tourist Places, about accommodation and How To Reach Dimapur. Take a brief look at those. 

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Green Park:

Green Park is another must visit place in Dimapur. The scenic surroundings, lush greenery, serene ambience, and fresh natural makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Apart from it, you can also find restaurants and boating options. It is located in the State Horticulture Nursery. The best time to visit the Green Park is from October to March. During this time of the year, it would boast an unparalleled natural beauty. It is open for common public from Friday to Sunday and is also available for public on National holidays. The rest of the days, it is used for organizing private parties and events. 


Coming to the accommodation in Dimapur, the hotels as well as resorts including Niathu Resort, Noune Mini-Tourist Resort, Hotel Acacia, Hotel Theja Fort, Hotel Saramati, Hotel Tragopan, De Oriental Dream, Hotel Lake Shilloi that provides all the amenities and make your stay comfortable. 

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For a pleasant stay in natural and ethnic surroundings consider Tuophe Phezou Resort, Touphema Tourist Village, and Khonoma Green Village.

How To Reach Dimapur:

Dimapur is the only place which contains airport, a railway station in order to reach Nagaland. 

By Air:

The nearest airport is Dimapur airport which possesses direct flights that connect this airport to Kolkata and Guwahati. Moreover, the connections can be made from rest of the airports in India. 

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is Dimapur Railway Station. It is well connected and has direct train lines which connect all the major cities of India. 

By Road:

Dimapur is well-connected with roadways. Avail numerous buses and taxies to make a visit to the Top Dimapur Tourist Places.