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Mokokchung Top Tourist Places, Top Places To Visit In Mokokchung, Nagaland Tours

Mokokchung Top Tourist Places

Mokokchung Top Tourist Places, Top Places To Visit In Mokokchung, Nagaland Tours

In this article, we have provided our collection of Mokokchung Top Tourist Places. Take a look at our collection that will help you a lot while you are planning a visit to Mokokchung. It is one of the predominant districts in Nagaland. It stretches over an area of 1,615 sq km. The district is inhabited by Ao Naga tribe.  Aos have converted to Christianity to the great extent. But they maintain their old customs and traditions till now. The diverse landscapes, serene ambience, scenic vistas, tranquil surroundings, verdant greenery and heritage villages have been fascinating the tourists from all over the world. Above all, the hospitality of the Nagas makes tourists rediscovering it. 

Mokokchung Top Tourist Places & Famous Places To Visit In Mokokchung

Ungma Village:

 Mokokchung Top Tourist Places

Ungma Village is among the Mokokchung Top Tourist Places. It is well known as `Living Museum of The Traditions of The Tribe.` It is not only oldest but also the largest village of all Ao villages. Apart from it, it is the second largest village in Nagaland. While the first place occupied by Bara Basti Village, located in Kohima. Tranquil surroundings, serene ambience, and lush greenery make your trip quite memorable. Almost all Ao Nagas have been converted to Christianity, as time passed by. Even though they are still guarding the rich Ao culture and tradition even today. The nearby tourist spots are Nature Park and Baptist Mother Church.

Longkhum Village:

 Mokokchung Top Tourist Places

Longkhum Village is famous for its exquisite ethnic handlooms and handicrafts. It is a home to numerous expert craftsmen. In addition to that, you will be delighted after witnessing the Rhododendrons which embellished the hillocks and the precipices surrounding it. The spectacle location is worth watching during full bloom.  I’m sure the parallelled natural beauty of the village makes you rediscover it.

Chuchuyimlang Village:

 Mokokchung Top Tourist Places

Like other villages, it also boasts the serene surroundings and abounding plant species. Chuchuyimlang is popularly called the village of festivals. During the festivities, especially during Moatsu festival, Villagers express their friendship towards fellow villagers by exchanging gifts, renewing old ties and making new friendships.

Famous Festivals In Mokokchung:

The famous festivals in Mokokchung are Moatsu and Tsungremmong Festival.  Coming to the Moatsu Festival, it is celebrated with great pomp and splendour in the first week of May every year. It is one of the prominent festivals for Ao Naga tribe. 

Moatsu festival not only rejuvenates but also offers endless enjoyment after the stressful work of clearing fields, burning jungles, sowing seeds, cleaning up the Tsubu (wells) and repairs and construction of houses by elders of the Putu Menden, stretching over a week. The festival is observed only for three days from 1st May to 3rd May.

Mokokchung Travel Guide

Coming to the Sangpangtu celebrations where a big fire is lit that is encircled by both men and women. The womenfolk serve the best wine and meat. While the forecast is made by the righteous men who live by the guidance of the Almighty to see whether good or evil days are waiting for the people.
 Tsüngrem Mong festival is celebrated during the eve of the harvest. 

Accommodation & Mokokchung Hotels: 

Mokokchung possesses several accommodation amenities which certainly satiate your requirements. Whenever you plan a holiday trip to Mokokchung, you may consider the following Mokokchung Hotels.

  • Hotel Whispering Winds 

Being perched at the highest point, it offers splendid views of sunrise and sunsets.  Apart from it, one could witness the spectacular views of the Mokokchung. Here in Whispering Winds, you can find the luxury suits as well as deluxe rooms. The rooms are spacious and well equipped with the modern furniture. The hotel offers a different variety of Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines as well as authentic Ao-Naga dishes. 

  • Hotel metsuben

Hotel Metsuben, 3-star deluxe hotel and is among the best Mokokchung hotels. Located on the top of the heart of Mokokchung. From standard single rooms to VIP and honeymoon suites. Prefer whatever you want. I am sure you will be delighted with the amenities provided by the hotel. We highly recommended the dish named chicken porridge that will be available here. Try it once. It is delicious. 

  • Longkumer Kilem Guest House 

It is an ideal venue for conferences. The hotel is located near Old Town Hall in Mokokchung. Kilem Guest House offers all the amenities like well-equipped rooms and Delicious dishes.

  • Circuit House 

Mokokchung Circuit House is situated on the Hills. Obviously, it offers panoramic views. Apart from it, Mokokchung Circuit House is very lovely. Generally, it is a Government Guesthouse. However, rooms are allotted to normal visitors when they book the rooms in advance. 

Best Time To Visit: 

 Mokokchung Top Tourist Places

The best time to visit Mokokchung and Mokokchung Top Tourist Places is from October to June

How To Reach Mokokchung Top Tourist Places

Mokokchung doesn’t have either the airport or railway station. Dimapur is the only district in Nagaland which contains airport, a railway station in order to reach Nagaland. 

By Air:

The nearest airport is Dimapur airport which possesses direct flights that connect this airport to Kolkata and Guwahati. Moreover, the connections can be made from rest of the airports in India. 

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is Dimapur Railway Station. It is well connected and has direct train lines which connected to all the major cities of India. 

By Road:

Mokokchung is well connected via roadways. Avail buses and taxies to ply between various places within the city. 

Hope that our collection of Mokokchung Top Tourist Places please you a lot.