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Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

Ellora Caves are one of the ancient and most famous archaeological sites, located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. There are 34 caves possesses Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religious monuments which dates back to the 6th and 10th century. These caves bag the status of world heritage site in the year 1983. Hordes of tourists from various parts of the world have been rediscovering these caves. Owing to its architecture spectacle of rock-cut temples.

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Out of 34 caves, 17 caves contain Hindu monuments, 12 caves contain Buddhist monuments, and 5 caves are Jain monuments.  Coming to Buddhist Caves, cave 5 is one of the prominent caves which is used for recitation of various Buddhist sutras. While the cave 10 is famously known as Vishvakarma’s cave due to its intricate carvings. 

The Hindu caves such as 14, 15, 16, 21 and 29 are the notable caves. These caves contain eye-catching sculptures carved on interior walls and sculptural panels of numerous Hindu deities.  While the Jain Caves numbered 30 to 34 are worth visiting. These caves contain the scenic paintings in large numbers. 

Important Visitor’s Information:

Ellora Caves can be visited in all days of the week except Tuesday. 

How To Reach:

By Air:

The nearest airport to reach the caves is Aurangabad which has daily flights to all the major Indian cities.

By Rail:

The nearest railhead is Aurangabad railway station which is well connected to most cities. The Aurangabad Jan Shatabdi Express is a daily fast train to Mumbai.

By Road:

Ellora Caves can be accessed by roadways via buses, taxis, and autorickshaws.