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Chandigarh Tourist Attractions Part II | Top Places To Visit In Chandigarh

Chandigarh Tourist Attractions

Chandigarh Tourist Attractions Part II | Top Places To Visit In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is well known as ‘City beautiful.’ Tourists from all over the world have been visiting this capital of two states (Haryana and Punjab) to explore the top Attractions in Chandigarh. It has the beautiful landscape and serene ambience. Moreover, the spectacular backdrop of Shivalik Hills, Rivulets, and rich vegetation makes Chandigarh a perfect tourist spot. Take a brief look at the Chandigarh Tourist Attractions. 

Top Chandigarh Tourist Attractions That You Should Not Miss A Visit

Chandigarh Botanical Garden:

Chandigarh Botanical Garden

Chandigarh Botanical Garden is assisting the government to promulgate eco-tourism in Chandigarh. The garden boasts native as well as exotic flora. It has been attracting numerous visitors from various parts of India. And it is sprawling over an area of 176 acres of which 40 acres of land covered by the medicinal plants. The garden consists of 15 Botanical Sections. Some of the famous medicinal trees in the garden are Khair, Haldu, Bel, Dheu, Kathal, Chhal, Dhoy, Neem, Amaltas and much more. Apart from it, several flowering trees, Ficus species, bamboo species are taking shelter in Chandigarh Botanical Garden. 

Bamboo Valley:

Chandigarh Botanical Garden

The bamboo Valley contains the plant species along with the Bamboo groves. It boasts a variety of rare trees which include 110 Mirror fail, 45 Amla, 30 Akash Neem, 15 Silver oak trees and much more. 

Chhatbir Zoo:

Chhatbir Zoo is among the Chandigarh Tourist Attractions. It is a habitat for a wide array of birds and wildlife species. The tourists would certainly enchant birding, and sighting of animals in their habitat. The Zoo houses 369 mammals, 400 birds, and 20 reptiles. Some of the famous animal species which one can easily find are Royal Bengal Tiger, Aian Elephant, Sambar, Emu, Asiatic Lion, Jaguar, Sloth Bear, White Tiger, Zebra, Gaur, Bengal Fox, Indian boar and much more. While the famous bird species are peacocks, cranes, geese, ducks, parrots, sparrows, bats, and owls.