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Best Places For Weekend Getaways In Gujarat | Top Places To Visit In Gujarat | Gujarat Tourist Places

Best Places For Weekend Getaways In Gujarat

Best Places For Weekend Getaways In Gujarat | Top Places To Visit In Gujarat | Gujarat Tourist Places

If you are looking for Best Places For Weekend Getaways In Gujarat. To ease your work we have provided the Best Places For Weekend Getaways In Gujarat in this article. The places include Ambaji, Bhuj,  Bhavnagar, Champaner-Pavagadh, Dakor, Dholavira, Dwarka, Junagadh, Lothal, Mehsana, Mandvi-Kutch, Marine National Park, Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, Narmada River, Northwest Kutch, Somnath, Patan,  Palitana-Shatrunjaya, Porbandar, Saputara Hill Station, Shamlaji, Vadnagar, Taranga Hills, Vadnagar, Vansda National Park, and Wild Ass Sanctuary.

Top And Best Places For Weekend Getaways In Gujarat

Ambaji Temple:

Ambaji Temple is one of the most revered temples for Hindus In India. Apart from the religious prominence, the temple possesses the great history. The temple has been attracting a massive number of devotees every year. Moreover, the thrilling myths and legends related to the temple enhances the curiosity among the devotees.  The nearest airport to reach the Ambaji Temple is at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The tourists can also avail direct buses to reach the shrine.

Ambaji Temple


The fascinating places in Bhuj are Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Bhuj Hill, Rani Mahal, Sharad Baug Palace, Mandvi Beach, Pirotan Island, Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, Hamirsar Lake and much more.

The tourists would also spot the 2000-year-old Kshatrapa inscriptions in the Kutch Museum and sculptures of Ramayana characters at the Ramakund stepwell. The tourists can use the trains such as Bhuj Express and Kutch Express. Moreover, they also avail public and private buses to ply around the district.



Porbandar is the birthplace of well-known freedom fighter Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The major tourist attraction in Porbandar is Kriti Mandir where one could spot the numerous number of books relating to the Gandhian Philosophy, few things belonging to Gandhiji and old photographs. It has been attracting the history buffs and leading politicians. Porbandar has a railway station. Also, the visitors can avail the state transport buses and private buses to ply between the different places in Gujarat.


Polo Monument And Vijaynagar Forest:

The temples of Polo were established between 10th and 15th centuries. Out of which the most famous temples are Lakha Dera Jain Temple, Sarneshwar Temple, and Shiv Shakti Mandir. The architecture of these temples resembles the Islamic traces in the use of domes and lattice screens. The place once used as a hiding place for rulers hide from enemies, angry wives, citizens, even from the sun. The tourist can reach the temples by availing buses as well as taxies from Ahmedabad.

Polo Monument And Vijaynagar Forest


The temple Shamlaji is one of the most revered pilgrimage centers in Aravalli District in Gujarat. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna. The temple is located on the banks of the Meshvo River.  It is believed that the sacred shrine has existed for at least 500 years. And it is built of white sandstone and bricks.

One of the popular legend related to this shrine is Brahma once started on a journey to find out the best-sacred site on the earth. After seeing a number of places, he came to Shamlaji, which he liked the most and performed penance there for one thousand years. Lord Shiva, who was pleased with him, asked him to perform a yajna (ritual). At the beginning of the yajna, Lord Vishnu manifested himself in the form of Shamlaji and was enshrined at this place.


Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary:

Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers. The sanctuary is abode to more than 100 species of birds. The visitors could spot Indian Saras Crane, egrets, herons, spoonbills, ducks, Cranes, geese, flamingoes, pelicans, whistling teals and several migratory birds nest and breed.

Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary

Saputara Hill Station:

Saputara Hill Station contains the pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. It is one and only hill station of Gujarat.  Trek to the Gandhi Shikhar, Sunrise Point, Rose Garden, Gira Waterfalls, Mahal Forest, Lake Garden, and Step Garden are the most visited tourist attractions in Saputara. Undoubtedly Saputara Hill Station is one of the Best Places For Weekend Getaways In Gujarat.

Saputara Hill Station